Sunday, October 20, 2019

Along the way

     Along the way, I think I lost and found myself hundreds of times.
Somehow, I keep forgetting why did I start,
how did I reach where I am and why
 comparing myself to others won't get
 me anywhere.
Lately, I lost all the motivation
I had and from this perspective, I think
all I needed was a simple
Sunday night, home alone, eating salmon and
listening to khm some songs that I
like *read Severina*
just to remember some things.
       To remember how excited I was, for every
 new blog post (I used to publish a new post every
 Sunday) - I was preparing one blog 
post the whole week. How satisfying was to 
click that Publish button and wait for
 all the feedback.
The fact that I forgot how that 
excitement felt like, kept me from 
publishing this post.
I hate doing things halfass.
 I loved all the photos and I enjoyed
 shooting with @iksolokin, but somehow
 I had to get that excitement back.
That's why you are seeing me half-naked in
 the middle of October.

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