Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The sound of the Ohrid Lake

It seems like I have had the draft version of this post for like foreeever *read this in Kim K voice for a special effect*
And I am so happy to finally reveal what we made with @petrovskaangela in Struga, this July *the photos are already on Angela's profile, I know, but let me have my 5 minutes of fame, please*

The sound of the Ohrid Lake. It may sound silly, for people that have never heard it and keep in mind that you can't hear it at all times.
 See, I don't blame anyone for visiting the lake at the peak of the season alongside the crowd and the food stands, but that's not the time when the lake pours its soul and all the colors it has to offer. 
That usually happens when everything gets quiet, perhaps in September, when everyone is gone & the cafes are slowly closing their terraces, letting the lake to breathe. 
I wouldn't know this if I have never had the privilege to hear how my Lake sounds like. Mine, because I have grown up there, by the lake. 
Not a year has passed, without a visit. And I will never stop visiting, because it's my second home. 
By now, you probably think okay nice, she loves it, good photos, great outfit, but this post is holding another message - The oldest lake in Europe is in danger. Why? How? 
The answer is obvious, it's because of pollution. Because we are polluting our own lake. Why? I can't explain that to myself either. What we can do about it? We can just stop being ignorant and start from ourselves. I am not talking about strict recycling, that no one here would respect, but a lot can be done if everyone just starts cleaning after themselves, if everyone just collects their own garbage and puts it in the right place. Then we can start helping others like we did when we came to the beach to shoot *there was a looot of trash* 
Small steps count. 
I am sorry, but I am so pissed off. I hope you all have a good night. 

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