Saturday, April 6, 2019

Under the banana tree ft. @iksolokin

This story is one of two in partnership with @iksolokin (partnership sounds better than collaboration, right?). The first one begins and ends in a tropical atmosphere of a Botanical garden.

First things first, you must know that these photos are 20% me & 80% @iksolokin (I have no idea how I managed to follow all the instructions and pose so spontaneously). I am not that relaxed in front of the camera, even though I am in that position quite a lot. But, this time, I trusted the photographer and did everything he told me to. Can you lay on the stairs? - Sure! Would you try to hold the leave with one hand and your head with the other? - Okay!
I have to admit that I have never been this excited to share a blog post.
And it's not a regular post, where I tell you that I have this and that and I hope you enjoy.
Posting on Instagram daily is one thing, but when it comes to the blog, I become so picky and critical, that I am rarely this happy with the final product.
& this time, I simply enjoyed shooting, so I am sure you will love the photos as much as I do.

Sometimes (once in a million years), the location, the outfit and the person behind the camera just *CLICK* & that's when magic things happen!

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