Monday, October 23, 2017

Summer 2017 (part 1)

 I know, maybe it's too late for a summer post, but I never actually got to say something about this summer.
First things first, I have thousands of photos and I am splitting the content it in two posts.
So, let the story time with Maci begin. 
From Ljubljana I went to Skopje, just for a day and then of course I disappeared in Struga.
Same old people, same old places, same old tastes & same old feelings.
Nothing was changed. I was back home.
Under some special circumstances, I became a scout camp leader.
Long story short, two weeks later when Lara arrived, she couldn't recognize the 'Macedonian Marija' that was sleeping in a tent and going on hikes for fun.
Our Struga time went a little like this: from one beach, to another, from one coffee to another, a lot of triple chocolate ice creams and mojitos & a lot of laughing and partying.
We got some rest and we were definitely ready for our Roman holiday. Sadly, Lara missed the trip &I am telling you, we missed her a lot.
Rome was perfect, I still can't believe how everything went so smoothly, according to plan.
We are going to remember our Rome trip, for the nights in our airbnb, dancing in our underwear, the many walked kilometers in the hottest sun, the best Italian gelato in Venchi and the pasta that we were eating all day, every day.
The four of us, together, one last time, before we went our own ways.
Haha this sounds sad. Oh wait, it actually is.
Evg moved to Moscow, to study еngineering, Vers is in Skopje studying law and Anastasija moved to Ljubljana, to study political science.
I went back to Struga, just for the final goodbyes and the last swim in the lake for this year.
And then back to Skopje. And then back to Ljubljana, for the two things I had left, the exams and my Lara . We somehow managed to finish our exams, besides the daily mental breakdowns and uncertainty.


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