Sunday, March 26, 2017

From Paris with Love

 Hello upper east siders, the biggest fan of gossip girl here (I just love how it sounds),
Long story short, or short story long in my case, I love gossip girl. Who doesn't actually
And in one episode, Blair and Serena spontaneously end up in Paris. That was my favorite episode of all times that I am still rewatching.
But, I always thought that things like that don't happen in real life, to people like me, while secretly wishing for that to happen someday.
And for my 19th birthday I spontaneously ended up in Paris with my Loora, eating macaroons in Laduree, exploring Montmartre, shopping on Champs-Élysées, taking photos in front of the Eiffel tower and drinking crappy parisian coffee. Pretty unbelievable right? 
So here are the photos from our little Paris adventure, I just can't stop posting them
Hope you enjoy

Živjo upper east siders, tukaj največji fan serije gossip girl. Long story short, obožujem gossip girl. Kdo je ne ubistvu. In v eni epizodi Blair in Serena spontano odideta v Pariz. To je moja all-time najljubša epizoda in pogledala sem jo približno tisočkrat. Vedno sem mislila, da se take stvari ne morejo zgoditi v resničnem življenju, sploh ne ljudem kot sem jaz, a vendar sem obenem skrito upala, da se mi bo to nekoč zgodilo.
In za moj 19 rojstni dan sem spontano pristala v Parizu z mojo Looro. Jedla sem slavne macaroons v Laduree, raziskovala Montmartre, nakupovala na Champs-Élysées, pila zanič pariško kavo in slikala Eiffel. Sliši se precej neverjetno, kajne? Tako da tukaj je nekaj slik iz najine pariške dogodivščine. Upam, da ste uživali





Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hello, hello
You are all probably familiar with my hobbies: blogging, drinking coffee in cute places and Instagramming. I am lucky to know 2 amazing girls that share the same hobbies as I do, and we collaborated, so make sure to check where they drink coffee in Skopje (Elena) and London (Teona) . The sun finally decided to show up here in Ljubljana and I just had to take advantage of it. I often say that the "Ljubljana people" live for the sun and for the "lučke" (the Christmas lights).
Deciding where to go is kind of complicated, you need the sunlight, of course, good coffee, cute tables, and nice staff.
Bazilika has it all. Located in the center of Ljubljana, but not too crowdy.
Lara and I are the ultimate brunch squad, never without our equipment, always there to chase the sun around.
My birthday is coming up and I am so excited & everything,
hope you enjoy

Jacket - Zaful // Earrings - Parfois // Sunglasses - Local Store // Shirt - Zara // Bag - Vintage // Cullotes - Zara

Photo credit: Mainstream chic

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