Sunday, February 26, 2017

From Skopje with love

We are at the end of February, someone is finishing with the 'back home' trip and starting the second semester soon.
Skopje was treating me well, with a lot of food (when I say I lot, I mean 3 weeks non-stop eating), reunions, tight hugs and parties, of course.
I was reunited with Captured by Klisarova too, shootings on rainy weekend mornings, are not new to us + I had my little helper by my side (my mom).
The sunglasses are just a proove of my party life here in Macedonia, the bags under my eyes can carry groceries, hahaha or the bags under my eyes are Prada.
Long story short, it was amazing to be around the people that love me the most and I am looking forward to be back to my Lj life.
PS: I figured that I don't live a double life, I have a triple life haha and I enjoy finding the balance

Smo na koncu februarja, nekdo ravnokar zaključuje izlet domov in se pripravlja na rahlo pozen začetek novega semestra. 
Skopje me ni razočaralo, vrnitev domov je bila prežeta z obilico hrane (3 tedni non-stop prenažiranja), snidenji, močnimi objemi in zabavami. 
Ponovno sem bila združena tudi z Captured by Klisarova, slikanje na deževno nedeljsko jutro nama ni bilo neznanka. Poleg tega sem imela s seboj pomočnika-mojo mami. 
Sončna očala so le dokaz mojega zabavljaškega življenja tukaj v Makedoniji, vrečke pod mojimi očmi bi lahko napolnili z živili hahaha, ali pa so te vrečke Prada. 
Na hitro, čudovito je bilo biti zopet z bližnjimi, a se vseeno veselim vrnitve v mojo Ljubljano.
Ps.: Ugotovila sem, da ne živim dvojnega življenja, ampak kar trojnega haha, vendar uživam v iskanju svojega ravnovesja.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The bag diaries

Bags, bags, bags
We are all obsessed with them and the fact that I can't have all the different shapes and colors in the world, upsets me.
 I had a little discussion with Elena from Shy but Secretly Fab, on 'The bag diaries' topic or What's in our bags. And of course, on the bottom of our bags you can find old receipts and bunch of random stuff, like 10 pens and chocolate. But, we decided to show you the prettier, instagrammable and 'more important' things.
You can check What's in Elena's bag HERE

First things first, I never leave the house without my sea bottom wallet. 'Mermaid wallet', as I like to call it. Full of cards, pictures, coins and again receipts (not that fun of a fact, but... I keep them all, just in case haha)
I always carry a lip balm (for soft and kissable lips) and a hair elastic, because my hair is really thick and having a mess of hair is ,sometimes well, a mess. I use Pastel Pink elastic, instead of a boring and plain one + I kind of pretend that it as a bracelet.

The clear clutch bag from Pastel Pink Bowtique is saving me from trouble and making sure I don't end up loosing something.
I always need my bus card and I also carry some business cards, just in case. We can actually name my bag 'Just in case', a lot of things are there because of that reason.
Mascara and a lipstick are a must, because who knows, what is going to happen with your make up in a few hours.
My O-blue glasses, are there to protect me from my smartphone. And some change, just in case.

Last but not least, my pink sunglasses, from
I was looking for reflective sunglasses everywhere and I am so happy that I finally found the perfect pair.
I almost forgot the most important thing in my bag, keys. As you can see, I have 3 key chains, that occasionally accessorize my bags and on other occasions they are just regular key chains.
If you want to spice things up a little, you can find pretty cute, handmade key chains in the Ruby Lama etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed

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