Monday, December 12, 2016

How to use a planner and stay organized

When you have so much things to do, places to go, people to see, a planner is a must.
And since 2016 it's almost over, we are all looking for a planner that can satisfy our 2017 needs. I am so lucky because I found 'Tropical Escape Planner' by Sweet plans that has everything that I need. Plus, they are made in Slovenia.
Honestly, I can't imagine my life without my little to-do lists, to-buy lists, little notes... Everything would probably be so chaotic. So, I am sharing 3 simple tricks that help me stay organized, for everyone that is starting with planning from January.

1. Choose a planner that you love
Choose a planner that matches your expectations and your style - size, shape, paper quality, color. You have to buy the planner that is perfect to you, so you'll actually use it.
I found mine, cute & functional, with fun colors, lots of space for notes, section for celebrations and super cute details throughout the whole planner.

 2. Personalize it 
Make it a place where you write everything. From daily tasks, appointments, events, class schedule, grades, bills, shopping lists, to ideas, dreams, movies to watch, books to read, habits, places to visit, or how you felt that day.
Write down your goals for the year, month, or even week. Stick some photos and add your favorite motivational quotes.

3. Decorate it
My guilty pleasure. I make my planner prettier with using washi tape, stickers, sticky notes and colorful pens. I just enjoy decorating and that makes me use the planner even more.
Let's get crazy with the Sweet plans sticker book, that has over 700 college, summer, christmas & birthday themed stickers, combined with fun words and cute illustrations.

Stay organized

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Like a girl

This post is all about girl power. Girls are changing the world and I am so lucky to know a lot of women who inspire me every day. Thanks to three super super special and talented girls, this post is here today, so let me tell you something about them.
Masha from Ruby Lama is making the cutest handcrafted, minimalistic home decor. She just opened her Etsy shop, so, make sure to check it out and support her. My bunny key chain is made in SLO, I love it, because it's as pinky as I am.
You already know Stefanija Betoska, a dear friend of mine that has magical powers (shh act like I haven't told you about the magic). Her mixtures of photography & illustrations are so inspiring.
I have no words to describe her talent and you would have to check her illustrations yourself to see what am I talking about.
And last but not least, Lara from Mainstream chic, my fellow blogger-insta husband-coleague-library partner. I am so glad that I met you, I really don't know what I would do without you.
This reminded me of my favorite 'Always' campaign, #LikeAGirl. “Like a girl” is not an insult, it is a compliment. Doing things #LikeAGirl is downright amazing. The campaign had a huge impact on  girl's self-confidence. Watch the video HERE.
Hope you enjoy


Ta objava je all about girl power. Punce spreminjamo svet in zelo sem srečna, da poznam ženske, ki me navdihujejo vsak dan. Zaradi vseh teh nadarjenih punc je nastala ta objava danes, pa naj vam povem nekaj več o njih. 
Maša iz Ruby Lame izdeluje najbolj fleten home decor. Nedavno je odprla svojo Etsy trgovino, tako da je ne pozabi prečekirati in ji izkazati svojo podporo. Moj zajčji obesek je narejen v Sloveniji in ga obožujem zato, ker je rozkast, prav tako kot jaz.
 Mislim, da že vsi poznate Stefanijo Betosko, ki ima čarobne moči (psst, pretvarjajmo se, da vam tega nisem povedala). Njen miks ilustracij in fotografij je preprosto navdihujoč. Ni besed, s katerimi bi vam opisala njen talent in sami morate videti o čem govorim. 
In nenazadnje je tukaj Lara iz Mainstream chic, moja blogger -insta husband-colleague-library partner. Neizmerno sem vesela, da sem te spoznala in ne vem kaj bi brez tebe. 
To me je spomnilo na meni najljubšo "Always" kampanjo, #LikeAGirl. "Like a girl" ni žaljivka, ampak kompliment. Narediti nekaj kot punca, je res neverjetno. Kampanja je imela ogromen vpliv na samozavest vseh punc, video si lahko pogledate TUKAJ.
Upam da boste uživali v objavi


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