Sunday, March 16, 2014

The sun is up

It seems to me like everything is going perfectly.I turned 16 today, my amazing friend from Struga V.M came  yesterday ( and she took this photos! Thanks :** ), new blog post is up and also the sun is up ! When you have amazing energy, amazing things happen! This is my 'lazy day' outfit with my favorite cozy sweater and jeans. I want to feel comfy on weekends, but i still want to look cute.
Enjoy on the sun !

Ми личи дека се оди перфектно. Денес полнам 16 год, мојата прекрасна другарка од Струга В.М дојде вчера ( и ме сликна исто ! Фала :** ), нов блог пост и има сонце! Ова е мојата 'мрзлива' комбинација со мојот омилен џемпер и фармерки. Сакам да ми е удобно за викендите, но сепак да бидам cute. 
Уживајте на сонцето !

and a birthday photo

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Bershka
Watch: Parforis
Bracelet: Parfois
Jacket: H&M
Leather doctor bag: Vintage
Sneakers: Converse 

 Love, Marija 


  1. Среќен роденден! Многу убави и весели фотографии :)
    И јас сакав скоро да направам ваква лежерна комбинација :)
    Супер :)

    1. Фалаaaa :D
      Роденденско расположение ххехех :))

  2. Sreken rodenden prekrasno si oblecena kako i sekogas i bravo za V.M :D

  3. Thank you for stopping by! I love the bag by the way! :)
    Would you maybe like to follow each other? That would be great! :)
    Maria Mai

  4. Me mola muchisimo la parka!!♥

  5. Prekrasna kako i sekogash!!
    Obozhavam converse! Nakitot, dzemperot i tashnata se PREUBAVI!! <3

  6. Среќен роденден :))
    супер си :*

  7. so nice!

  8. Happy Birthday, dear! You look awesome! :))
    I'm your newest follower, keep the good work! :))

  9. Nice look :)

  10. Mac, you were born to be a FASHIONISTA! <3

  11. You look super cool. I bought similar sweater from tradesy used store of clothing. It looks and feels great on wearing. I wear it while going to my workplace.

  12. Nice look! We've been missing the sun too! Hope it'll come back for the weekend! :)


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