Sunday, January 26, 2020

In honour of my grandmother

I had a totally different idea of what I want to write, 2 Sundays ago, but writing and publishing it then did not happen and now I just don't feel like I should stick to those topics. 

First things first, these photos were taken at the end of October and it's 100% my fault that they did not see the public light and stayed in a folder on my laptop, waiting for me to finally publish them. 
In my defense, in all of that time that has passed, I traveled from Ljubljana to Skopje and from Skopje to Barcelona, and from Barcelona to Coma Ruga and from there to Skopje and from Skopje to Ljubljana and from Ljubljana to Belgrade and from Belgrade to Ljubljana and from Ljubljana to Zagreb and from Zagreb to Vienna and from Vienna back to Zagreb and from Zagreb back to Ljubljana. In the meantime, I was studying, writing essays and exams. And in all this time, I was also mentally preparing myself for moving (only for one semester tho), but I am moving to Lisbon, Portugal, very soon. 
And since I defended myself, let me tell you about that October day, I arrived in Skopje in the morning, I had a 15-hour ride and 300 things planned for that day. No rest. I had a quick shower, curled my hair and I was ready to meet with my favorite photographer @iksolokin
& he is one of a kind, you have to know that. He made me pose like I wasn't riding on a bus for 15 hours and I can't even use some modesty, because I look bomb. 
Jane, I would have to repeat myself and say that If I had to choose just 1 person that would take my photos for the rest of my life, It would be you. 

That is the story behind the photos and everything that has been going on lately.

And this post is dedicated to a special person, my grandmother. I can't even describe how much I miss her, since February, two years ago. I try to fill the missing space, with finding some of her favorite clothing pieces and some sweaters she knitted for my mother and wearing them my way. Me and my grandma had a special bond, I know I have that written somewhere on the blog, she was always there whenever someone needed help (with anything), she was always there to call some numbers and make some things happen. And I feel like I am slowly turning into her.
This time, I found this blazer, that she wore at my parent's wedding.
The color, the fit, it was perfect for me.
My mom gave me her Levis from the 80ties and I was good to go.

& this post, this one is for my grandma,
I love you!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Along the way

     Along the way, I think I lost and found myself hundreds of times.
Somehow, I keep forgetting why did I start,
how did I reach where I am and why
 comparing myself to others won't get
 me anywhere.
Lately, I lost all the motivation
I had and from this perspective, I think
all I needed was a simple
Sunday night, home alone, eating salmon and
listening to khm some songs that I
like *read Severina*
just to remember some things.
       To remember how excited I was, for every
 new blog post (I used to publish a new post every
 Sunday) - I was preparing one blog 
post the whole week. How satisfying was to 
click that Publish button and wait for
 all the feedback.
The fact that I forgot how that 
excitement felt like, kept me from 
publishing this post.
I hate doing things halfass.
 I loved all the photos and I enjoyed
 shooting with @iksolokin, but somehow
 I had to get that excitement back.
That's why you are seeing me half-naked in
 the middle of October.

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