The bag diaries

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bags, bags, bags
We are all obsessed with them and the fact that I can't have all the different shapes and colors in the world, upsets me.
 I had a little discussion with Elena from Shy but Secretly Fab, on 'The bag diaries' topic or What's in our bags. And of course, on the bottom of our bags you can find old receipts and bunch of random stuff, like 10 pens and chocolate. But, we decided to show you the prettier, instagrammable and 'more important' things.
You can check What's in Elena's bag HERE

First things first, I never leave the house without my sea bottom wallet. 'Mermaid wallet', as I like to call it. Full of cards, pictures, coins and again receipts (not that fun of a fact, but... I keep them all, just in case haha)
I always carry a lip balm (for soft and kissable lips) and a hair elastic, because my hair is really thick and having a mess of hair is ,sometimes well, a mess. I use Pastel Pink elastic, instead of a boring and plain one + I kind of pretend that it as a bracelet.

The clear clutch bag from Pastel Pink Bowtique is saving me from trouble and making sure I don't end up loosing something.
I always need my bus card and I also carry some business cards, just in case. We can actually name my bag 'Just in case', a lot of things are there because of that reason.
Mascara and a lipstick are a must, because who knows, what is going to happen with your make up in a few hours.
My O-blue glasses, are there to protect me from my smartphone. And some change, just in case.

Last but not least, my pink sunglasses, from
I was looking for reflective sunglasses everywhere and I am so happy that I finally found the perfect pair.
I almost forgot the most important thing in my bag, keys. As you can see, I have 3 key chains, that occasionally accessorize my bags and on other occasions they are just regular key chains.
If you want to spice things up a little, you can find pretty cute, handmade key chains in the Ruby Lama etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday seconds

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello, hello
Recently, I started analyzing myself and how I spend my time. And I realized something. Groudbreaking hahah. I spend most of my time on my phone. Checking my phone is the first thing that I do in the morning, I am on my phone while waiting for the bus, on the bus, I am on my phone during classes and during lunch breaks. And of course, I am checking my phone before I go to sleep. Basically, my all day long activity is scrolling through Instagram, hoping to find some inspiration.
As if you are not.
And after my little realization, I became kind of paranoid. I was scared, that looking at the screen for hours, can eventually affect my sight. So, I started looking for a solution and I found O-Blue(computer glasses). They had me at hello, with their perfect design and I can say, that I wear them all the time.
For all of you, following me on social media, let me tell you a little something, I don't actually wear glasses, but I have the need to spice up some outfits, so don't judge me please.
Hope you enjoy // Photo credit: @maticskarabot

Pred kratkim sem začela natančneje spremljati kako preživljam svoj prosti čas. In ugotovila sem nekaj revolucionarnega, hahaha. Večino tega časa preživim na telefonu. Takoj ko se zbudim, najprej preverim obvestila in novosti, brskam po omrežjih medtem ko čakam na avtobus, med dolgočasnimi predavanji preizkušam nove Snapchat filtre in seveda sem na telefonu tudi med odmori. Preden grem spat komaj odtrgam oči od svetlečega zaslona. Torej praktično cel dan preživim na telefonu in iščem inspiracijo na Instagramu. 
Kot da tega ne počnemo vsi.
In po ugotovitvi, da toliko časa posvetim svojemu telefonu, sem postala rahlo paranoična. Ker po dolgem dnevu gledanja v telefon čutim kako utrujene so moje oči, si sploh nisem hotela zamisliti, kako izmučene bodo čez nekaj let, zato sem začela iskati rešitev. Našla sem jo v O-Blue računalniških očalih. Očala zaščitijo vaše oči pred modro svetlobo, ki nastaja pri gledanju v pametne telefone, računalnike, televizorje in led svetila. Njihov popoln dizajn me je popolnoma očaral in samozavestno lahko zatrdim, da jih skoraj ne snamem več. 
Vam, ki mi redno sledite na socialnih omrežjih, lahko zaupam skrivnost in sicer pravih očal, za slabovidne, v bistvu sploh ne rabim. Vendar kdaj pa kdaj vseeno začinim svoj outfit s popolnim parom očal. 
Upam, da ste uživali





ZAFUL.COM Wishlist

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hello, hello
Between all the to do lists, little notes, plans, grocery shopping lists, I have my little shopping wishlists. This week I am presenting you the wishlist that I did in collaboration with ZAFUL.COM

You can probably notice my winter color palette. Grey is slowly taking the place of my favorite color in the world, PINK.  
I love the embroidered shirt dress, because is appropriate for every occasion. From going out, to coffee dates or even university. The details and the material make it even more special. 
I would probably style it with the lapel jacket and the chelsea boots. Everything matches perfectly. Ohh cropped jackets and dresses, a short love story.
Because I am always on the go, a backpack is a must. Carrying a camera, books and a laptop isn't easy, but it can be done in style.
And last, but not least, my new obsession - Cardigans. I can't explain how much I love to snuggle in long and comfy cardigans.
Hope you enjoyed my little wish list

Glitter tights and Salzburg

Sunday, January 8, 2017

 I needed some time, to gather my thoughts and write this post. Wow, 2016 is over. 
It has been a crazy year, a new start for me, full of changes, new adventures, amazing people, traveling and getting to know myself a little better. I think I aged five years in the past three months (no hyperbole included). No more deep thoughts, I promise.
The last trip of the year, a Christmas adventure in Salzburg with Lara. We enjoyed our time there with some chocolate pretzels, cold hands, mulled wine and colorful lights (+ glitter tights)
And the year ended on the most perfect way possible, with my best friend by my side, singing from the top of our lungs and dancing like no one is watching on a concert in the city center of Ljubljana.
Hope you enjoy the photos, have an amazing 2017 

 Potrebovala sem nekaj časa, da skupaj zberem svoje misli in napišem to objavo. Wow, leto 2016 se je zaključilo. Bilo je noro leto, zame predvsem leto novih začetkov, polno sprememb, novih dogodivščin in neverjetnih oseb, potovanj in leto spoznavanja same sebe.
Mislim, da sem se postarala za pet let v zadnjih treh mesecih (
no hyperbole included). Nič več globokih misli, obljubim. 
Zadnji izlet leta, božična dogodivščina v Salzburgu, z Laro. Zelo sva uživali ob grizljanju čokoladnih prest, srkanju kuhanega vina in gledanju barvitih lučk. 
 Leto pa se je zaključilo na najbolj popoln način, z mojo najboljšo prijateljico ob meni, s petjem na ves glas in norim plesanjem v samem centru Ljubljane.  
Upam, da boste uživali ob gledanju fotografij in da boste imeli neverjetno leto 2017




How to use a planner and stay organized

Monday, December 12, 2016

When you have so much things to do, places to go, people to see, a planner is a must.
And since 2016 it's almost over, we are all looking for a planner that can satisfy our 2017 needs. I am so lucky because I found 'Tropical Escape Planner' by Sweet plans that has everything that I need. Plus, they are made in Slovenia.
Honestly, I can't imagine my life without my little to-do lists, to-buy lists, little notes... Everything would probably be so chaotic. So, I am sharing 3 simple tricks that help me stay organized, for everyone that is starting with planning from January.

1. Choose a planner that you love
Choose a planner that matches your expectations and your style - size, shape, paper quality, color. You have to buy the planner that is perfect to you, so you'll actually use it.
I found mine, cute & functional, with fun colors, lots of space for notes, section for celebrations and super cute details throughout the whole planner.

 2. Personalize it 
Make it a place where you write everything. From daily tasks, appointments, events, class schedule, grades, bills, shopping lists, to ideas, dreams, movies to watch, books to read, habits, places to visit, or how you felt that day.
Write down your goals for the year, month, or even week. Stick some photos and add your favorite motivational quotes.

3. Decorate it
My guilty pleasure. I make my planner prettier with using washi tape, stickers, sticky notes and colorful pens. I just enjoy decorating and that makes me use the planner even more.
Let's get crazy with the Sweet plans sticker book, that has over 700 college, summer, christmas & birthday themed stickers, combined with fun words and cute illustrations.

Stay organized