Sunday, November 8, 2020

A blog post. Praia de Ursa.

Ursa Beach, Portugal


A new blog post. 

After quite a long time. A (photo) story that seems like it has happened two centuries ago. Shot in a different season, different time zone, far away from where I am now (physically), 2.476 km to be exact. But I would lie if I would say that it is that far away from my heart. Not a day passes without me thinking, talking, casually mentioning it in every possible conversation. The people close to me know, what is always in the back of my mind. Yes, you probably guessed (by the first photo and probably by the mentioned kilometres) that I am talking about Portugal. I won't get into details, I promise, because if I do, this post would be very, very long. 

A blog post. If you ask me, it's a way more personal way to pour all of your thoughts, without even thinking who would say what, because at the end of the day, you don't even have an idea who has read it. And you don't even bother thinking about it, you are just grateful that someone actually did read it. 
For writing a blog post, I really need to be in the mood to do it. And I am so surprised and grateful at the same time that I am in that kind of a mood now. To be honest, if I am not in the mood, I am nowhere to be found on Instagram as well. 

About the photos: obviously, you have the chance to see me in Raffia swim swimwear. I was asked to model for them and all the modelling I have done until then, has been for personal purposes. I can say it was different from all the photoshoots that I have experienced so far, but it was also very chill and relaxed, I did my own hair and makeup, I brought one of my flatmates, I wasn't under any kind of pressure and I was excited about the shooting and the beach day ahead of us. The location - a very popular beach. So, we had to be the first ones, in order to find it empty. Luckily, we were. 

Ekaterina (the photographer) put her thoughts about the photoshoot under one instagram video from that day, so I will copy and paste her text here//

"6:30 alarm clock. Having slept really well, I needed some seconds to realise where am I and what’s my plan. Then comes a little shock wave that I organized a shooting in a remote unknown place. Some seconds after comes the fact that I am responsible for taking my model from the Sintra train station.

I came to window to see the light. It was so soft that I was ready to fly immediately to the beach just to catch the lights/shadows moment. After a deep breath I got calm and started doing morning routine. 

The place we stayed in was so authentic. It was a raw traditional Portuguese house. Those azulejos in the bathroom I was brushing my teeth was inspiring me for making great shots today. 

Already going with Marija in the car to our destination, I was still fighting with my infinite doubts that something can get wrong. My biggest fear was that the spot was overevaluated. 

But then all those bells in my head shut down when we saw the rocks of the Ursa beach going downhill.

40 mins later I did that small video. Relief."

All in all, without writing for too long, it was such a wonderful experience. And voilà, here you have the photos!


swimwear - RAFFIA SWIM

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